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Response, Relief, Recovery, Restoration

Our History 

I Care Alabama began as a grassroots initiative to help Birmingham after the 2011 tornado outbreak disaster. The organization grew from being locally focused on Birmingham, to encompass the entire state of Alabama during the 2020–21 COVID-19 outbreak and Pandemic, and with the impending economic crisis as a result of the Pandemic's impact. To that end, The I Care Alabama Network fed millions of pounds of food to citizens across the western area of Birmingham and throughout the Greater Birmingham/Jefferson County region. After forging a relationship with President Trump’s administration, our new network was able to feed more than 1,500,000 lbs. of food each week to more than 1.8 million Alabamians over the last 20 months.


Today, I Care Alabama has now formally become a disaster relief and family recovery organization that provides training and resources, through our partnerships, to help restore Alabamian families affected by disasters.

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Our Timeline

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Our Mission

I Care Alabama is a disaster relief and family recovery organization that serves the entire state of Alabama. I Care Alabama offers training for Chaplaincy to deliver critical incident stress management support for those in crisis, Disaster Case Managers to assist families and communities during disasters, and Unmet Needs resourcing to fill in the gaps of disaster recovery assistance.

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